Grenade Games Grand Finale

Over the past week in Whistler, the town has been crazy hectic for the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival.  So many tourists and vendors are in town for the events, and then on Monday Whistler turns back to normal.  I didn't get to shoot many of the events because of work conflicts, but I did get out last night for the Grenade Games Grand Finale.  Snowboarders had to pull off some crazy tricks on some massive jumps and other features. I didn't have my flashes set up, so all the photos are using natural light and the spotlights.  Here's a few photos from last nights event...



Bungee & Co

On my last day of bungee shooting I decided I'd bring my camera along and take some photos for myself.  It's a pretty beautiful place to jump off a bridge, so check it out.  We've got some pretty cool bungee mascots too...



Blue Bird Booterville

Whistler has had some amazing weather lately!  Spring time is here in full swing with blue skies and t shirt weather, and I've been taking full advantage.   Warm sunny days have given me with some awesome photo opportunities lately, and the ones below are some gem's from today's hike out to a place on Blackcomb Mountain called Booterville.  Props to Liam, Jeff, Kev, Chris and Kezz for going big to get some awesome photos!  Check em out.


and props to kezz for this awesome photo of yours truly