Garibaldi Ranges

Yesterday at Whistler Peak we got a bit of sun, and I have always wanted to take a huge panoramic of the Garibaldi Mountain Ranges.  If you're unfamiliar with the range, Black Tusk is the volcanic peak sticking out on the right hand side. It's pretty iconic for Whistler Mountain and can be seen from miles away. The actual photo is nearly 100 inches long after I stitched together 13 vertical photos in photoshop!  Gonna be huge on my wall when I get home!  Enjoy.



Blue Bird Powder Day

I was lucky enough to have the day off yesterday on a sunny day after a nice powder dump. Kezz and I went out and found some powder stashes and gnarly cliff drops... Check em out!

just outside 7th heaven

powder shot to the face!

beautiful scenery

20 foot + cliff drop for kezz, only 3 weeks on skis!


Snowy Day in Whistler Village

After a long day of working on the mountain, the snow came dumping down in the village for a short time this afternoon.  A coworker of mine and I went out to snap a couple quick photos, and this is what I got! Enjoy