New Blog Site!

Hey guys.

So I decided this blog site hosts my photos way too small and also distorts the color quite a bit from what they are really supposed to look like. I am now hosting a blog at this address...

Check out the latest stuff!


Little Charlie

This past Sunday I headed over to Asbury Park to meet up with AnnMarie, Chuck and Charlie for some cool photos. We timed it perfectly because as soon as I got home the sky opened up and started pouring! There were some cool overcast skies that made for great, quality light. Charlie did a great job behaving for the shoot (even with a little M&M persuasion). He was LOVING all the puddles to jump around in. And props to my brother Spencer who helped me out last minute and did a great job assisting.

Click on the photos to make em bigger!


charlie and chuck playing a little peek-a-boo

some of the serious puddle splashing going on

gotta love charlie's little mischievous look
and a little father and son love


Kristin and L

Sunday I had a shoot scheduled that fell through, and my photog friend Drew drove all the way down to the beach, so what better to do than go recruit some models from the bar! Haha, kidding (kind of). I was fortunate enough to meet up with an old friend and her friend from school on Sunday night. We all braved the elements and the storm, walked out on the Manasquan getty, and got some sick shots! All our flash equipment was covered in plastic bags because it kept raining and then the weather would break. Check em out!


probably the best shot of the day, Drew trying to tell L how to pose. haha!


Lighting with Soleil

I recently purchased some new lighting equipment and have been so busy I haven't got a chance to play around with it yet. What better time than with some beautiful friends on the water on an awesome day?! These are a few from Friday.


this first one's got to be my favorite, Soleil having some fun under my massive diffuser

a little experimenting with Drew's raw lighting techniques


Sunset Silhouettes

All I can say about the sunset on the 4th of July is... Wow! Probably was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in NJ. None of the photos have been edited for color, they are straight out of the camera. Thankfully, I had my camera handy, and paired with some crazy friends got some cool shots. At the end are a few photos from the start of our crazy day and having fun shooting with 8 frames per second.



Whistler Slideshow

So after I've been home from Whistler for a few months, it really hit me what an amazing place it is. I put together a slideshow of some of my photos from the season on youtube... which you can watch here:

Whistler Slideshow in HD (make sure you click the HD button)



Caught Red Handed

This was probably one of the funnier things I've seen for a while... I came home the other day to my dog with the garbage pail lid from my room stuck on his head. Caught in the act! Haha.


So last week I made a few trips to NYC with Mads to see the sights since I've been away for so long... so here's a few quick shots I took.


Manasquan Inlet at Dusk

Over the weekend I made a couple trips to the camera store and picked up some new filters for my lenses.  Combined with a little post production, here are some photos I took last night of the Manasquan Inlet. They came out pretty moody from the storm approaching. Check em out!