Fishin the Florida Flats

After a few shoots on the East Coast of Florida, we headed over to the Keys to meet up with Captain Rich Smith and do some fishing in the Everglades and out in the Florida Keys. Luckily the weather was in our favor, and we got some great fishing in. As you'll see, the mangroves cut through the Everglades and the Keys are crazy!



Shuttle Launch! STS-125 Atlantis

So after a couple real estate shoots near Naples, I headed up to Cape Canaveral on the East Coast of Florida to watch the shuttle launch.  It was the last repair mission for the Hubble Telescope, so a pretty monumental mission.  The viewing area was 6.5 miles from the launch site, and the sound and atmosphere in general was incredible!  Here's a few photos I was able to get in the excitement of the launch.



Florida House Shoots

After an amazing winter season in British Colombia, Canada, I headed down to Naples, Florida to do a few house shoots.  The weather in Florida is absolutely amazing!  I can see why everyone wants to move here from up north.  Anyway, here are a few photos from the shoots... the dusk colors come out so blue its amazing!



Last Day in BC

Unfortunately the 1st of May was my last day in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  Hopefully they change the visa regulations soon for US citizens so we can work longer than 6 months in Canada!  Anyway, I got to spend the day with Maddie in Vancouver and we eventually headed over to Granville Island for an awesome seafood dinner at the Sandbar restaurant.  Below are a few of the last photos I've taken in Canada for now... hope you enjoy!  My favorite's gotta be the crab claw. Haha